Are you curious how is it possible to tell about your personality just by the kind of fingers you have?

People do research all the time but there are so many interesting ones that go by without us knowing about it. When we come across something very interesting, we believe it is our responsibility to share it with everyone!

The fingers that know all about you are your ring and index fingers. These two can explain what a man you are. Unfortunately, as you might have figured out it is only applicable to men. The testosterone level dictates the length of these fingers for men. It can sound very straightforward and it is, but there are up to three types of finger combinations that tell their own story: A, B, and C.

A. The ring finger is dominant over the index finger

A longer ring finger is a sign of handsome men. The men who are charming and possess great communication abilities. They can make friends easily and keep the conversation going. They tend to be more aggressive and taking a risk is something they welcome. This type is often is an indicator that these men can succeed in a particular type of job compared to other men.